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We Cannot Accept Ammunition Returns

Many of our customers are staking their very lives on the reliability and quality of our ammo. Therefore, they deserve to know that each time they purchase Buffalo Bore Ammunition, they are getting factory fresh ammo that has not been out of the factory and has not been handled, stored improperly or sabotaged by private individuals. So, for safety reasons, we will not accept ammunition returns. It is your responsibility as a customer to ascertain EXACTLY what cartridge your firearm uses. It is also your responsibility to insure that the firearm in which you'll use these cartridges is suitable and safe.

If any ammunition manufacturer or distributor is accepting ammunition exchanges or returns, they are likely turning right around and selling the exchanged or returned ammo as new ammo to unsuspecting customers which is both unsafe and unfair to customers that are expecting new and reliable ammunition. We are not aware of any retail ammunition company, including ourselves, that makes 'Tamper-Proof' ammunition.

On occasion, a customer will order the wrong ammo and then request a refund or exchange, but if we accept returns, we have to throw the returned ammo away. WE WILL NOT RESALE IT OR SHOOT IT OURSELVES! As an example of possible customer error consider the following:

  1. There are several '38' caliber handgun cartridges, which are NOT interchangeable.
  2. There are several '32' caliber cartridges that are NOT interchangeable.
  3. There are several '45' caliber cartridges that are NOT interchangeable.
  4. And on and on and on.....

When ordering, be sure that you are ordering the exact ammo you want because as a

matter of customer safety and company policy, we cannot accept returns for a refund.